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Prize for Professor Wu and her students

The Government of Taiwan has awarded the first prize for multimedia innovation on AIDS prevention to the head of Blessed Imelda's Catholic School, the oldest Catholic school in the country. The government established the award, Xin Yage explains in AsiaNews, after realizing the level of ignorance about the disease among young Taiwanese. In recent years HIV infection has in fact increased alarmingly among people from 15 to 24 years of age. The competition was open to all schools, public and private, and aimed to create a multimedia platform that could explain the danger of AIDS to their peers. The prize-winning students, guided by their teacher, Sophia Wu, beat the other competitors hands down. Professor Wu – with degrees in the sciences of education and religious sciences – is an expert in multimedia communications for teenagers: “clarity, synthesis, passion and precision”, she said, “must be the hallmarks of all our projects. Kids need to immediately grasp the importance of the topic in order to be able to become passionate about it and share it”. The multimedia presentation that won the competition was not limited to describing the ease of HIV transmission and AIDS prevention but offered a broader content: inquiring, sharing and helping each other without judging or leaving anyone on the street. Until three years ago she taught at another Catholic school, a technical school for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Xinzhu. “It was an important experience. Initially, the kids were ashamed of belonging to the school. Eventually, we worked on the premise that dignity did not require anyone’s recognition, that it was something inside oneself and that no one ought to be ashamed of their background but instead be proud of human values (Christian value for Christian believers) on which to base one’s life”. The teacher then revealed the secret of her success. “Let the students run free! Let them loose to find new ways to communicate the values they believe in! Where there is life and imagination one can only generate fresh sparkles that are contagious for all those who are touched by them, just as Jesus did with his contemporaries”.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 21, 2019