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A Prize for Anne-Marie Pelletier

For the first time the Ratzinger Prize for theology students has been awarded to a woman, Anne-Marie Pelletier, a Frenchwoman and an expert in biblical hermeneutics and exegesis. Born in 1946, Pelletier – who in her work has also investigated the position of women in Christianity and in the Church – has taught general linguistics and comparative literature at the Université Paris X, theology of matrimony at the Institut Catholique in Paris and, since 1993, Sacred Scripture and Biblical hermeneutics at the Studium of the Faculté Notre Dame of the Paris Seminary. Until last year she also lectured on the Bible at the Institut Européen en sciences des religions, a section of the École pratique des hautes études in Paris. Her works include, Lectures du Cantique des Cantiques. De l’énigme du sens aux figures du lecteur (1988), Lectures bibliques. Aux sources de la culture occidentale (1995), Le christianisme et les femmes. Vingt siècles d’histoire (2001), D’âge en âge les Ecritures. La Bible et l’herméneutique contemporaine (2006), Le signe de la femme (2006), Le livre d’Isaïe, l'histoire au prisme de la prophétie (2008). Anne-Marie Pelletier, and the other winners of the Ratzinger Prize 2014, will receive the prize on 22 November this year.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020