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Prisoners’ children

At the Solicciano prison in Florence, a mother, serving a long sentence, tells the sad story about her three year old daughter who has been put up for adoption.  Another daughter has already been adopted.  This is only one of the many interviews conducted between September and November 2012 in about twenty different Italian institutions. These can be found on among the dozens of photo galleries, videos and examinations of other important issues:  access to fundamental rights, living conditions of prisoners, the current state of infrastructures, the future of judicial psychiatric hospitals (their closures are expected by March 2013). All of this can be downloaded for free at the abovementioned website, made by Next New Media communication company founded in 2011.  “The project”, says the director Tiziana Guerrisi, “is the first report produced in multimedia form in Italy, creating a valuable record of Italian prisons and making it available to everyone.”  She speaks about the tragedy of motherhood in prison, inviting us to put ourselves in the children’s shoes.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 20, 2019