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Priority placed on growth

· The recommendations of the G8 at Camp David, in the anticipation of the Summit of the heads of state and of government of the European Union ·

More effort to promote growth does mean giving up on severity. The G8 at Camp David, which concluded on Saturday, could mark a turning point because it was decided at the meeting that the top priority  — as Barack Obama said — is to take immediate measures in order to reinforce the economy and employment. The Obama-Hollande-Monti proposal was approved and now all eyes are on the markets to see how they will judge that which seems to be the beginning of a new path and on the European Summit of heads of state and of government who must decide on Wednesday whether or not to follow the prescriptions of Camp David. It will be understood in Brussels if the conditions are right for turning the page on total austerity imposed until now by Merkel-Sarkozy.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 16, 2019