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Prayer makes us free

· During the General Audience, the Pope asks that families may be supported by work and helped to open up to life ·

Prayer helps to overcome all forms of slavery to free oneself from contradictions, and lets one  enjoy the authentic freedom of being God's children. In simple words: prayer frees us. This morning using message of the Letters of St Paul, Benedict XVI was inspired to propose to the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square for the General Audience, on 16 May, a reflection on the power of prayer, the daily breath of our soul that helps to address our weakness and transform ourselves from people concerned with material things into spiritual people.

A reflection necessary for the man of today, as St Paul said during his time, man does not know how to pray properly. The Pope continued by saying: we want to pray but God is far away, we do not have the words, the language to speak with God, not even the thought. We can only open ourselves and give time to God and wait for him to help us enter into genuine dialogue. This is where the Holy Spirit, who, the Pontiff explained, understands human weakness, and acts almost as an interpreter to make us understand ourselves and God what we mean.

Benedict XVI explained, prayer does not exempt us from suffering, but it helps us to live in communion with the suffering of Christ. So it enables us to overcome all forms of slavery, such as that of evil, in order to live true freedom as God's sons. But, the Pope went on to explain that the teaching of the Apostle, does not depend on our desire to free ourselves, just as the law: it is the Holy Spirit. The freedom that he enables us to win, he explained, has nothing to do with libertinism nor with the possibility of choosing evil, because it is the fruit of the Spirit which is love. And this is true freedom.
Next adressing the groups present, Benedict XVI greeted and encouraged the work of Caritas Internationalis . He then made an appeal that families may be supported by work and helped to open up to life. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the 98th edition of the Katholikentag , the traditional meeting of German Catholics in Mannheim took place. The Pope addressed a Message inviting them to undertake the adventure of a new start living in obedience and trusting in God, underlining that the contribution of all the baptized in the New Evangelization is indispensable.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 25, 2020