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Pope's prayer for Italy

· At the Regina Caeli the Pope remembers the victims of the attack in the city of Brindisi and those who died in the earthquake in Emilia Romagna ·

The Church participats in the journey of the Chinese Catholics and supports Pro-life Movement

“Every time we pray the earth is united to Heaven” and so our invocation “reaches God himself”. With these words, pronounced yesterday, Sunday, 20 May, during the Regina Caeli, Pope Benedict XVI wanted to motivate us in answering his invitation to pray for the victims of a vile attack in Brindisi; for the seven victims who died in the earthquake which struck Modena; and for Chinese Catholics, to invoke the help of Mary, Help of Christians, who is venerated with that title on 24 May especially in the Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai.

There were various topics approached by the Pope during his regular Sunday appointment with the Pope for the Marian Prayer in St Peter's Square. He began with the significance of the Solemnity for the Ascension, which for Christians represents the certitude that “our humanity is brought to the heights of God” and, therefore, our prayer in Christ “travels across the heavens and reaches God”.

In some way this is linked to the silence of prayer and listening, the theme of the World Day of Social Communications, which was celebrated that Sunday. The Pontiff reiterated his hope that “communication, in any form, always serve to establish authentic dialogue with others”.

His thoughts then turned to Chinese Catholics, with his wish that the Virgin Mary “may make the universal Church's affection for and participation in the journey of the Church in China grow”. He then encouraged followers of the Italian Movement for Life. It was then that he brought to mind the students of a school in the city of Brindisi who were victimized in an attack, and then gave his condolences those who lost their lives in the earthquake that shook Emilia Romagna.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019