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The Pope's condolences on the death of Iraqi cardinal Emmanuel III Delly

The Holy Father expressed deep sadness on the death of the Iraqi cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarch emeritus of Babylon for Chaldeans, in a telegram addressed to the current Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako. The cardinal died on Wednesday morning, 9 April, in a hospital in San Diego, California, USA, at the age of 87. His funeral was celebrated on Thursday, 10 April, in San Diego and he will be buried in Detroit, Michigan where his closest relatives live.

The deceased cardinal was born in Telkaif in theArchieparchy of Mossul for Chaldeans on 27 September 1927. He was ordained a priest on 21 December 1952. Elected to the titular Church of Paleopoli di Asia on 7 December 1962 and as Auxiliary Patriarch for Chaldeans, he was ordained a bishop on 19 April 1963. On 6 May 1967 he was promoted to the titular Church of Kaškar and continued to serve as Auxiliary. On 19 October 2002 he resigned for reasons of age, however, on 3 December 2003 he was appointed Patriarch of Babylon during the dramatic moment in the history of his country: that March the war began. Also on 3 December he asked for and obtained ecclesiastical communio from John Paul II. Then Benedict XVI created him a cardinal at the Consistory of 24 November 2007. On 19 December 2012 he resigned from the pastoral governance of the Chaldean Church.




St. Peter’s Square

May 21, 2019