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Peter trusts God

· At the General Audience Benedict XVI speaks of the Apostle's liberation from imprisonment ·

I too feel supported by the prayer of the Church

Calm and trusting. St Peter's attitude during his imprisonment was one “which trusted in God, he knew that he was surrounded by solidarity and the prayers of his brethren, thus he abandoned himself completely to the hands of the Lord”. The Pope said this at the General Audience on Wednesday, 9 May, in St Peter's Square speaking of the Apostle's imprisonment and liberation on the eve of his trial in Jerusalem.

The Pontiff re-proposed the last event in Peter's life, from Chapter 12 of the Acts of Apostles, in order to underline “the strength of the Church's ceaseless prayer”, thanks to which the Lord, “sending his Angel, makes an unthinkable and unexpected liberation”. For his part, Peter “spent the night of his imprisonment and liberation as a moment of following the Lord which overcomes the darkness of the night and frees from the chains of slavery and from the danger of death”.

The Apostle's attitude is an example even today for the Church and every Christian, including the Pope who, confessed to the faithful present at the audience, to “have always felt supported by your prayers and by the prayer of the Church, especially in the most difficult moments”. Words which were followed by a long applause to which Benedict XVI simply responded: “My warmest thanks”.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 14, 2019