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Personal encounter The foundation of charity

· Pope Francis' Video Message to the faithful of Buenos Aires for the Feast of St Cajetan ·

The culture of encounter is what Pope Francis suggested to the Argentine faithful who, as they do every year on 7 August, the liturgical Memorial of St Cajetan of Thiene, were queuing for hours in front of his statue, kept at his shrine in the heart of Buenos Aires’ Liniers district, a neighbourhood  on the outskirts of the city. They were waiting to kiss the glass protecting the small niche that contains it and to make the sign of the cross.  When Pope Francis was pastor of the Archdiocese he never missed this tradition.  This year, unable to be present, the Pope sent a video message to the faithful of Argentina. Recalling the theme chosen for the celebration, “With Jesus and St Cajetan let us meet the needs of the most deprived”, the Pope reminded the faithful that Christians must “build, create and construct a culture of encounter”.  And encountering the neediest people does not mean giving alms looking on from afar but looking them in the eye, touching them as Jesus did. “Go and seek out  the neediest people”, the Pope said. “But don’t go by yourselves, no! With Jesus and with St Gaetano”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 25, 2020