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The person behind the uniform

· The Holy Father thanks the Swiss Guard ·

A service expressed through authentic testimony. Pope Francis thanked the Pontifical Swiss Guard for this faithful service on Monday morning, 5 May — the eve of the anniversary of the Sack of Rome — at an audience in the Clementine Hall.

“Your uniform”, the Pope said, “is a striking characteristic of the Swiss Guard and which attracts people's attention. But remember that it is not the uniform but the man who wears it, who must strike others with his kindness, spirit of hospitality, the attitude of charity. Take this into consideration in your relationships, prioritizing, your community life and sharing both happy and difficult moments, never ignoring those of you who are in difficulty and sometimes in need of a smile, encouragement and friendship; avoiding a negative distance that divides comrades and that, in the lives of all people around the world, can generate contempt, marginalization and racism.”




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019