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Peace in Ukraine

· The Pope's appeal to the international community at the Angelus ·

The Pope hopes that the international community will seriously take steps to support every initiative which favours dialogue and harmony in order to achieve peace in Ukraine. 

This was the Pope's appeal yesterday, Sunday 2 March at the Angelus in St Peter's Square. The Pontiff also addressed the various members of the people of Ukraine, so that all “may work to overcome misunderstanding in order to build a better future for the nation”. In addition, he asked the faithful to continue to pray so that every effort made to restore peace in the country.

Before the Marian prayer Pope Francis reflected on God's place in the heart of man, too often plagued by the desire for wealth. “A heart occupied with the desire to own”, he said, “is a heart empty of God. Thus Jesus often warned the rich, because they greatly risk placing their security in the goods of this world”. If, however, we place God first, the Pope explained, “his love leads us to share wealth too, to place it a the service of initiatives of solidarity and development, as many examples, including recent ones, in the history of the Church have shown”.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 17, 2019