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Peace and aid to Egypt

· An appeal from the USCCB ·

Catholic bishops of the United States are calling for an increase in humanitarian and economic aid to Egypt. In a statement, 23 August, on the usccb’s website, Bishop Richard Edmund Pates of Des Moines, Chair Committee on International Justice and Peace, spoke out against the violence targeting churches and Christians, calling on John Kerry, us Secretary of State, to take up the matter seriously. The message stated that the bishops are joining Pope Francis in praying for all victims of violence.

The letter focused on the need to foster measures for the restoration of peace and the provision of support to those most vulnerable: “the poor and vulnerable Egyptians should not pay the price of the political turmoil and violence gripping their nation”.

The Catholic bishops in the United States support humanitarian work in Egypt through Catholic Relief Services (crs). These services have various fields of activity: crs currently works for the reconstruction of Catholic schools in Egypt which have been damaged or destroyed. These schools are known and appreciated for the quality of their education and availability to the entire population. The Bishop also stressed the importance of caring for the thousands of refugee children who have come to Egypt from neighbouring countries. crs in recent years has helped approximately 15,000 people to find a job and provided adequate support for their families.




St. Peter’s Square

June 17, 2019