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Patricia Adkins Chiti, founder of the international network Donne in Musica, has died

Patricia Adkins Chiti, the English mezzosoprano and musicologist, died on 12 June 2018. She founded Donne in Musica (1978) and was President of the International Foundation Women in Music (founded in 1996), which supports women composers of every nationality through its network of 27,000 women authors, performers, musicologists and researchers from 113 countries. For more than 40 years Patricia fought to give a voice to contemporary women composers, involving herself in thousands of projects, carried out in about 100 countries in which the Foundation has succeeded in creating a network. “Because”, as she used to like to repeat, “the most important thing for promoting women in music is that they themselves create a network and join forces with their skills and abilities, in order to rediscover that place on the stage which has been barred to them for millennia”. Awarded by President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi the title of Commendatore della Repubblica [Commander of the Republic] for cultural merits, Patricia also played a pioneering role in historical research on the presence of women among the ranks of composers and as interpreters and performers of music “to prove wrong a historiographer who had in fact denied it”.




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Jan. 19, 2020