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Our thanks to the Pope

In greeting Benedict XVI with emotion we want first to thank him. Thank you for agreeing that "L'Osservatore Romano" should be enriched by a monthly insert magazine dedicated to women in the Church, to thank him because he wanted from the start, to open to women the participation in his newspaper both as collaborators and as journalists. Our monthly insert exists thanks to him. 

But we know that this openness to women was not an isolated act in his pontificate: not only during the past eight years has the number of women - now with higher qualifications - in the Vatican increased, but also in his writings and interviews Papa

Ratzinger has always recognized and listened to a female presence in the Church. In defending and promoting Marian devotion - the highest sign of the importance of women's role at the heart of Jewish and Christian tradition - he wrote: "To omit the woman in the totality of theology is to deny the creation and election (the history of salvation) and therefore to eliminate revelation. " We are also grateful for him for his defense of the natural polarity between the sexes, in contrast to the gender theories, while recognizing "the ontological equality" of men and women: “They are a single genus and have a unique dignity" in a mutual interdependence that is present in every human being and leads both him and her towards the other. Interdependence, according to Benedict XVI, is an opportunity for growth, "Man was created in need of the other so that he could go beyond himself." But this need is also a potential drama: "Together they will be one flesh, a single human being. In this passage is contained the whole drama of the one-sidedness of the two genders, of mutual dependence, of love. " A mutual dependence that, in the difference of charisms, must also be recognized in the life of the Church, making it more alive and dynamic, new.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019