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On a cold and sunny day L'Osservatore reached Spain

· Four of La Razón's fifteen years with the Pope's newspaper ·

To celebrate fifteen years of publication “La Razón” a daily newspaper in Madrid, has published a special edition, which includes an insert by our editor-in-chief. Giovanni Maria Vian recalls how in 2009 the idea was born to combine the Sunday paper of La Razón with the weekly Spanish edition of L'Osservatore Romano . An important meeting took place on the morning of 23 November, “a cold but clear and sunny day”, recalls Vian. “Exactly one month later on 23 December the project was ready and the first issue of the Holy See's newspaper printed by La Razón was presented in an unforgettable audience with the Pope, who is its editor. Benedict XVI welcomed the development with intellectual curiosity and pleasure”.

Since 27 December 2009, “the newspaper produced in the Vatican has been sent to Madrid and about 200,000 copies are printed and distributed every Sunday, with no price increase for the daily readers of the Spanish paper, and at no additional cost for the Holy See. The result is prodigious, because the overall circulation of the newspaper has tripled. By adding the numbers of the daily with the seven weekly editions (Italian, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and Malayalam) and monthly edition in Polish, the newspaper nears 100,000 sold. In short, never before 2009, in it's 150 year history, has the Holy See's newspaper ever reached a circulation so high. It is significant that this historic milestone was reached in the Spanish-speaking community, as the Spanish edition was the first non-Italian edition of the newspaper. In 1931 in Argentina this idea became a project, which was at first unsuccessful. Twenty years later, on 4 November 1951, the first edition of Observador Romano was published in Buenos Aires. Nearly half a century later the paper extended to Latin America. The edition prepared in the Vatican has been transmitted and printed in Peru since 1997, in Mexico since 1998, and in Argentina since 2005, thus becoming the most prevalent.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020