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An ocean of desolation

· At the prayer vigil to dry tears, the Pope says that the bitterest tears are those caused by human evil ·

“How many tears are shed every second in our world; each is different but together they form, as it were, an ocean of desolation that cries out for mercy, compassion and consolation”.

The Holy Father noted this during the prayer vigil to dry tears, which he led in the Vatican Basilica on Thursday afternoon, 5 May, as a Jubilee initative on the Solemnity of the Asenscion. After listening to several testimonies of suffering that people have endured, the Pope gave a homily emphasizing that, even in the midst of sufferin, “we are not alone”. Jesus too, he said, “knows what it means to cry”.

“In the moment of confusion, dismay and tears, Christ’s heart turned in prayer to the Father. Prayer is the true medicine for our suffering. In prayer, we too can feel God’s presence. The tenderness of his gaze comforts us; the power of his word supports us and gives us hope”.

The Pope's homily




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 21, 2019