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No one is excluded

· The Angelus with the children of Catholic Action ·

“No human condition can constitute a reason for exclusion from the heart of the Father”. Pope Francis spoke to the faithful in St Peter's Square at the Angelus on Sunday, 31 January, reminding them of the day's Liturgy. The Pontiff underlined that “God comes to meet the men and women of all times and places in the actual situations in which they live. He also comes to meet us. It is always he who takes the first step: he comes to visit us with his mercy, to lift us up from the dust of our sins; he comes to extend a hand to us in order to enable us to return from the abyss into which our pride made us fall, and he invites us to receive the comforting truth of the Gospel and to walk on the paths of good. He always comes to find us, to look for us”.

The Pope' words at the Angelus 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 17, 2020