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No more destruction in Aleppo

· The dramatic appeal of the heads of the local Churches ·

“We listened to the cries of the widows and the laments of the children and we saw the panic on the faces of the people”. This is the shocking cry of the immense suffering in the Heads of Churches and Christian communities of Aleppo, after the city was heavily bombed last week, during the celebration of Orthodox Holy Week and Easter, celebrated on Sunday, 12 April.

In a statement entitled: “Is it the time of the Resurrection of the Savior or the funeral of his disciples?”, Christian leaders wrote of the suffering of the people of Aleppo during Holy Week and the days following Easter. “During the Easter period, our city and our people suffered intense pain, anguish and discomfort, during the night when neighborhoods in the city were hit with rocket-propelled grenades, with a destructive capacity that we had never heard and seen before”.

Words full of anguish and bewilderment. It is a testimony to the crude and terrifying reality that seems to be taking shape right before our eyes. “We went, we saw and we cried: bodies pulled out from the rubble, shreds attached to the walls and blood mixed with the soil of homeland! Dozens of martyrs of every religion and confession, wounded and maimed, men and women, the elderly and children”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 18, 2019