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No closed doors

· At the General Audience Pope Francis calls for acceptance and care for wounded families ·

“No closed doors!”, Pope Francis repeated to the to the faithful who gathered for the General Audience on Wednesday, 5 August, in St Peter’s Square. He called on Christians to ensure the acceptance and pastoral care of those who have begun a new union after a failed sacramental marriage. 

Having finished the July’s summer break, the Pontiff again began weekly meetings with the faithful in the Paul VI Hall Continuing the cycle of catecheses on the family, he focused on the situation of “the baptized who have established a new relationship of cohabitation after the failure of the marital sacrament.

The Church, he said, “is fully aware that such a situation contradicts the Christian Sacrament”. It is important to recognize, however, there is a “difference between one subjected to separation compared to one who has caused it”. In any case, “these persons are by no means excommunicated” and, the Pope emphasized, “they should absolutely not be treated as such: they are always part of the Church”.

In particular the Pope recommended taking into account the repercussions that such situations have on young children. Care must be taken “so as not to add even more to the burdens which the children in these situations already feel they have to bear!”. From here came his appeal that all Christians to commit to taking “care of wounded families, accompanying them in the life of faith of the community”. Each one is called to “do his part in taking on the attitude of the Good Shepherd, who knows each one of his sheep and excludes no one from his infinitive love!”.




St. Peter’s Square

July 17, 2019