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New unrest in Tahrir Square

· Growing tension in Egypt ·

New clashes between the police and the opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi were reported in Tahrir Square in Cairo, where yesterday tens of thousands of people gathered to challenge the decree which extends the powers of the Head of State . Hundreds of people protested, attacking the security forces and calling for a change in regime; the agents responded with tear gas. The protesters chanted “the people want to bring down the regime ”, echoing the slogans of the 25 January revolt against former President Hosni Mubarak. While others called out: “We don't want another dictatorship”.

Today the protests continued in Tahrir Square, symbol of the revolt against Mubarak, even various judges who retain Mursi's constitutional declaration as a blow to the judicial authority and to democracy have supported such events.

Regarding the difficult situation in Egypt, the international community has begun to demonstrate their concern, hoping that the disputes can be resolved democratically.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 8, 2019