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New roles, new tasks

A reflection among women of the Church has been open for some time on their role and on the possible new tasks that will make the most of the female presence. Pope Francis – who, has stunned the world with his words and actions in the first year of his pontificate – has announced a step ahead also on this point. Donnachiesamondo is also taking part in this reflection, which is important and can no longer be postponed. 

Isabella Ducrot, “Springtime” (2014)

This supplement is seeking and will seek in the coming months to make this period of reflection as fertile as possible, rich in ideas, thoughts and imagination. Our presence in these years is based on a quite simple idea: the Church, a very large part of which is made up of women, must make room for their abilities and their contribution. “Let us think of Our Lady”, the Pope said recently, “Our Lady creates something in the Church that priests, bishops and Popes cannot create. She is the authentic feminine genius”. The decision to have a page on the theology of women has reinforced the original idea. In this issue Fr GianPaolo Salvini explains: “It is not a matter of clericalizing women, as at times seems to be proposed by certain solutions. Rather, it is a matter of finding suitable places in which the charism of women may be expressed and appreciated, also in terms of their decision-making ability and authority; or, as would be more consonant in the life of the Church, of an authoritative service to the entire people of God”. So far the process has been hard going. For this reason, in addition to a real discussion, we need a great deal of hope and faith and almost a miracle. “In the Church as in society this cultural revolution asks of men and women the humble recognition of ground overcrowded by some or left unoccupied by others”, Dorothée Bauschke affirms in her article. And it is impossible not to share. (r.a.)




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020