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Never be resigned to war

· Appeal on the day after the Mass for catechists ·

John XXIII and John Paul II become saints on 27 April 2014

“We can't ever be resigned to the suffering of entire peoples, hostages of war, wretchedness and exploitation. The invocation that John Paul II launched in Assisi in 1986, when he gathered together the leaders of Churches and ecclesial communities and nuns from all the continents to pray for peace in the world, inviting them  “no longer” to work “against each other but beside each other”. And on the very day when the date of the canonization of the Polish Pontiff was officially announced –  he will be canonized on 27 April next year together with John XXIII –  Pope Francis relaunched his appeal for peace, meeting the religious leaders gathered in these days in Rome to take part in the international meeting promoted by the Community of St Egidio. The Holy Father reminded them recalls that “there can be no religious justification for violence, regardless of its form”.  And he emphasized that “peace requires dialogue – tenacious, patient, strong and intelligent”. Above all the Pope once again asked for prayers for Syria and the Middle East, just as he did at the Angelus recited on Sunday, 29th, in St Peter's Square at the end of the Mass with the catechists.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 19, 2020