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Never again the horrors of the Shoah

· At the Angelus on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Pope invites us to live Sunday as the day for conversion ·

Prayers for those sufferings from leprosy and for peace in the Holy Land

A “terrible tragedy which deeply hit the Jewish people” which today “must represent a constant warning for all, so that the horrors of the past are not repeated”. Thus the Pope recalled the Shoah at the Angelus on Sunday, 27 January. On the day of remembrance “for the victims of Nazism”, the Pope expressed his wish that “we overcome every form of hatred and racism” and that “respect and dignity for the human person is promoted”.

Speaking to the faithful in St Peter's Square at the Marian Prayer, Benedict XVI also expressed his closeness for those suffering from leprosy on the 60th Day dedicated to them, and encouraged researchers, health care workers and volunteers who work for a cure and who assist those suffering from the terrible disease.

The Pope then recalled the day of intercession for peace in the Holy Land, especially thanking  “those who promote it all over the world”. Before the recitation of the Angelus, the Pope referred to  Jesus as “the today of salvation in history, because he completes the fullness of Redemption”. Then he underlined the necessity for Christians to live Sunday and every day of our lives as “a today propitious for our conversion”. Salvation, he explained, “is a history that continues for the Church and for every disciple of Christ. This is the Christian meaning of 'carpe diem': seize the day in which God is calling you to give you salvation!”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020