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National debate before any decision

· In France religious representatives ask for a wide-scale discussion on “marriage for all” ·

“Whether or not we want it, we as the French have a special responsibility that goes beyond ourselves. The Government has posited as a general principle listening and the search for consensus. Let us therefore dare, truly, calmly and seriously, to face the debate and, in the name of the principle of precaution, let us allow it to run its course. France will emerge all the greater, giving the image of an exemplary democracy, respectful of everyone”. The appeal published in the daily Le Monde ends with these words presented by French religious leaders asking the institutions for an open discussion on the bill of law that intends to broaden civil marriage to include same-sex couples, giving them in addition the possibility of recourse to adoption. The intervention arrived at the same time as the demonstrations which took place at the weekend in the streets of the major cities, gathering thousands, and not only Catholics, who are against this measure.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 24, 2020