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Muslims in Pakistani Catholic Schools

The girls’ Catholic school run by the Sisters of the Presentation of Sangota in Pakistan has recently reopened with over 200 girls enrolled and is on its way to being completely rebuilt. This is what has been reported to the Fides Agency by Sister Riffat Sadiq, the former headmistress of the school when it opened in 1962. The school was forced to close in 2007 and destroyed two years later by the Taliban during their campaign against women’s education. In the Spring of this year, the school was reopened and in a few short months enrolment has risen. “Almost all of the girls are Muslim, from tribal families and are very poor. The local people are very happy”, continued the religious sister, “they support and encourage us a lot in our work. I believe this is a good sign of hope”. The Sisters of the Presentation (whose charism is to work for education) have been present in the Indian subcontinent for over a century, managing nine schools in three provinces of Pakistan, providing education to more than 7,000 girls and young women, mainly Muslim.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019