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​Muriel’s sense of women

“Mystics are urged by a powerful aspiration to reduce themselves to nothing, to chaff”: Jeanne Guyon (in the 17th century), Simone Weil (“the saint of the marginalized”), and Etty Hillesum (who died at Auschwitz) all moved into the mystical dimension to embrace the world without escaping the restrictions imposed by their sex. “Gli enigma del femminile” [the enigmas of the feminine”] is the subtitle of the posthumous book by the psychoanalyst Muriel Drazien entitled Per donna sola [for woman alone](Castelvecchi). A follower of Jacques Lacan, a student under his direct tuition, it is to her that we owe the dissemination of Lacanian clinics in Italy. Muriel Drazien seeks to answer to Freud’s question (“What does a woman want”?), analysing existential solitude, outside any feminist rhetoric, taking as examples the lives of Marilyn Monroe, Edda Cianno Mussolini, and the murderess Rina Fort, rather than Anna Freud […]. “Women”, she concludes, “are not only an enigma to men, but also to themselves”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 17, 2020