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The Mother tongue literary competition

Designed in 2005 by Daniela Finocchi, the Mother tongue literary competition is the first in Italy specifically dedicated to foreign women (even second or third generation) residing in the country, who using the language spoken when they arrived (ie Italian), wish to examine thoroughly the relationship between identity, roots and the "other" world. Over the years the competition has thus become an opportunity to give a voice to those who usually do not have one, and in particular to women who in the drama of

emigration/immigration are discriminated against twice. The story that we publish Lontano. Insieme, written by an Argentine woman who lives and works in Italy, is taken from the book - edited by Daniela Finocchi in 2006 - Lingua Madre Duemilasei Racconti di donne straniere in Italia.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 20, 2019