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​Mother Teresa and the Argentinian writer

“Mother Teresa’s spirit helped me in my suffering”, the Argentinian Catholic writer Jesús María Silveyra briefly explained to AsiaNews. His 37-year-old daughter died of cancer last year. “On Christmas Eve in 2007, if I remember correctly, someone asked me ‘Would you and your six children like to come to the house of the Missionaries of Charity in Buenos Aires to see what they do?’. So it was that I went to a place called Zárate where the sisters work with poor people afflicted with mental disabilities. In the chapel I saw the cross and the words ‘I am thirsty’. My wife and I read the Bible every day, but until that moment I had never given much thought to this sentence. What was Jesus trying to tell me? I started by finding out about Mother Teresa: how could such a tiny woman move so many things in the world? Thus I decided to go to India to reconstruct the key moments of her life. Last year I lost my daughter Cole Silveyra from cancer. Cole was only 25 years old when the doctors diagnosed her tumour. Who supported me in those long years in which she was fighting the disease which had already killed my mother and two of my brothers? The spirit of Mother Teresa. I believe that in some way we are all touched by suffering and by its mystery, but some are more aware of it”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 20, 2019