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​Mother stork’s instinct

Among the damage listed in the census after the fire in the town hall of Brunete, a small town 30 kilometres from Madrid, there is also the drama of a family of storks who had made their home on the roof of the building. As soon as the nest caught fire, La Razon recounted, “the father stork following his instinct of self-preservation, flew away. Instead the mother stork, risking her life, did all she could to save her two little ones, burning many of her feathers. Indeed the chicks, born little more than a month ago, were not yet able to fly and so, holding them in her beak, the mother stork attempted to drag them out of the nest in flames. Unfortunately only one of them managed to survive. The small survivor, rebaptized “Brunete” by the inhabitants of the town, was adopted as a mascot, together with the courageous mother who scorned the fire to protect her nestlings. 




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 24, 2020