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Mother, help me!

· The TV series ·

Madre, aiutami!Is the title of an Italian television series which, after so many films that have had priests as protagonists, has finally decided to give this role to a nun.

 A plot that includes the suspense and dangers faced by Virna Lisi, who plays mother Germana, with great composure and a powerful emotional involvement. Mother Germana fights against all in order to defend an African child who has been taken into the convent, and who is in danger, and especially her sister Mary, who, while in a mission in Congo, was raped and then kidnapped by rebels. Through this she discovers little by little a trafficking of arms which even involves the Vatican. Even amongst her sisters envy and indiscipline have taken root, but the worst impression is made, however, by the ecclesiastical hierarchy that constantly betrays the trust of women, showing disbelief and indifference to sexual violence and which in the end is forced to apologise. It is a good representation of female courage and the hard life of the African mission. (@ lucescaraffia )




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 22, 2020