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· The film ·

Mother (2009) by the Korean director Bong Joon-ho is a grim and difficult film. At the heart of the film is a woman whose name and surname are intentionally not revealed and who is by herself and with unconditional love, responsible for caring for her only son, a young unemployed man with many personality problems. Problems which often land him in trouble, he ends up in prison accused of murder. It is the mother who uses up her meagre savings to pay for the lawyer. It is she who plays the improvised detective. It is she who degrades herself and lies in order to save him. A difficult motherhood which receives no affection or recognition. A motherhood which is as great and resilient as it is alone, desolate and sacrificed. A maternity so great and stubborn as one, desolate, and sacrificed. A melancholy film played superbly by Kim Hie-ja who has gone on to win many awards. A film in which a mother's undisputed love has no recognition and the more lavish it is the more it is misunderstood and despised. A mother who can find only in herself, in her capacity at least temporarily to forget, the strength to go on. And we see her at the end of the film dancing alone in a field to blot out her freedom and the grace of her gestures the oppression of a love denied.




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