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· The film ·

Zaineb and Aicha - protagonists ofMillefeuille(2012) by Nouri Bouzid - are two young women, friends and cousins who live through Tunisia's revolution. Both want freedom and independence, but Aicha wears a headscarf, Zeineb instead rejects it. Both clash with a society that does not accept their choices. Aisha, who in order to take care of her sisters and her grandfather, works in a bakery, suffers every kind of pressure as she wears the headscarf which she does not wear for traditionalism, but as a test of faith and to protect herself from the men who lie in wait for her. If you want a promotion at work - they say – you must display your hair. Zeineb, who works as a waitress in the same bakery as Aicha is first begged before then being forced by her boyfriend and her family, eager for a good marriage, to wear the veil and give up her work. The two young people remain united and complicit and begin a personal struggle for their freedom that enters into, but does not coincide completely with, the Tunisian revolution. The assertion of their difference requires an extra commitment.

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St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 21, 2019