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​In the middle of the world

Mitad del mundo. The street signs and tourist maps in Quito point out that it is here that the Equator passes. And it was here, in “the middle of the world”, that Francis wished to begin the longest visit of his pontificate.

The country of Ecuador nicely sums up the characteristics and all of the contradictions of Latin America which the Pope has witnessed since arriving in the country. It is a nation which he knows well since visited it several times in the past. For this reason, in his first address in the land of the last Inca ruler Atahualpa, he expressed his wish that current progress and development “ensure a better future for everyone”, especially for “the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters”. He also called for dignity, giving a voice to those who lack one, and called for greater social justice and for the redemption of the entire country. 

Gianluca Biccini




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 29, 2020