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​The mayor’s pension

Having reached the age of 65, Bruna Sibille, the Mayor of Bra, has earned the right to a regional pension for her activity as councillor from 2005 to 2009. But Sibille considers that a double public remuneration is excessive: she has therefore decided to devolve her mayor’s stipend (1,700 euros a month) to municipal organizations dedicated to social assistance. She explained “I consider that whoever is committed to an administrative activity should receive a just remuneration, in my case however I would have had a double one with both a pension and a stipend as mayor. This seemed to me superfluous, therefore I decided to devolve the latter, until the end of my mandate, to cover social emergencies. For January 2016, I devolved 1,720 euros to the pharmaceutical emergency fund, the latest of the municipal organizations created in December: these are specific initiatives to which even private donations can be made and that can cover emergencies such as housing, social assistance or employment. I chose the pharmaceutical fund because it is an emergency. When the tender was opened we already had 100 people entitled to it. Month by month I will evaluate in which area it is most urgent to intervene”.  




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 23, 2020