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· At the Angelus the Pontiff recalls the four sisters killed in Yemen ·

At the Angelus on Sunday, 6 March, Pope Francis asked the faithful to remember him and his collaborators, who are participating in spiritual exercises, in their prayers. Before the Marian prayer Francis commented on Sunday's liturgy which discussed the prodigal son. 

The Holy Father said that “in this stretch of Lent that still separates us from Easter, we are called to intensify the inner journey of conversion. Let us reach through the loving gaze of our Father and return to him with all your heart, rejecting any compromise with sin”.

Then at the end of the Angelus, the Pope expressed his “closeness to the Missionaries of Charity for the great loss they experienced two days ago with the killing of four Sisters in Aden, Yemen, where they were assisting the elderly”. “I pray for them,” he assured, “and for the other people killed in the attack, and for their family members”. “These are the martyrs of today!”, he exclaimed. They do not make the “covers of newspapers, [they] are not news”. “They gave their life for the Church. These people are victims of the attack of those who killed them and of indifference, of this globalization of indifference, which doesn’t care. May Mother Teresa, accompany her martyr daughters of charity in Heaven, and intercede for peace and sacred respect for human life”.

The Angelus




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 24, 2019