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· The film ·

Claire, a nine-year-old girl has two mothers – a biological mother, Sara and the other, a foster mother, Virginia. Problems of alcohol and drugs took her daughter from Sara when the little girl was only four years old but now – detoxified and with a permanent job – the judge considers Sara once again able to care for the little girl.

For Claire the switch from a comfortable bourgeois life with the foster couple to Sara’s somewhat lunatic life is not at all easy, but coming close to her natural mother again means the realization of a dream: in fact the two set off for Marseille, where the little one’s father lives whom she has never known. As a surprise, however, the journey also involves Virginia. There are plenty of striking scenes and scenes of delicate poetry in Marsella, a Spanish film made by Belén Macías (2014). It focuses on the complex, first and foremost emotional, growth of a child. There is nothing rhetorical in the film but only adults who are capable – even in suffering – of learning the secret in order to truly become parents: not to put their own ego at the centre of decisions but the future of their children. (@GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 18, 2020