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Many pray for the Synod

Many people are praying for the Synod, following it as it unfolds, accompanying the Synod Fathers. On Wednesday afternoon, 14 October, at the opening of the ninth general congregation of the Synod on the Family, Pope Francis shared this thought, recounting that he had received such assurances that morning during the greetings at the General Audience.

During the work, from different parties, there was discussion of pastoral experiences with regard to the many married couples who need special support, such as in the case of divorced people who remarry civilly. It was noteworthy that specific pastoral ministry has been instituted in some dioceses. The goal is to spiritually accompany these couples and guide them to a full understanding of Catholic teaching. To do so without fixating only on whether or not to grant requests for Eucharistic communion, but sharing a journey, living beside them to understand their problems, to love them, to forgive them.

On Thursday morning the tenth general congregation highlighted the point that the Church must never be added to the list of institutions that render “invisible” the families throughout the world who suffer whether due to lack of work or of a home, or due to hunger or violence. On the contrary, she is called to respond to the many expectations of the people, by witnessing with mercy to the truth of Christ.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 24, 2019