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​Manuels for jihadist mothers

The role of women in the jihad is the title of a manual recently presented on the internet by the extremist group of the Islamic State that continues to train child soldiers. The text – which prohibits children from using computers, from singing, dancing and television, while encouraging them to devote themselves to all that could be useful in combat such as the martial arts, swimming, archery, riding and survival exercises – explains to jihadist women how to guide the ideals of minors and their vision of the world in order to make them good fighters. Already at the age of seven children are less receptive, the manual explains: training and learning jihadi ideas must begin early. The manual – described by the Middle East Media Research Institute – exposes cruel methods of recruiting minors: the sons of Islamic State members are sent to camps where they learn to handle firearms and decapitate enemies. A small hero was recently celebrated: in the video circulated on line in mid-January, a minor of no more than 10 years old could be seen killing two adult spies with a pistol. A tragedy in tragedy: indeed, to the gunned-down victims a third should be added: the child himself. 




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 10, 2019