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Compassion and justice

· US bishops renew appeal for reformed immigration at national conference ·

Washington, 8. Compassion and justice: the prelates of the United States are taking up the cause of immigration again with determination, calling for a new law which is both compassionate and just and which resolves the distressing situation in which more than 10 million un-documented immigrants find themselves.

These people are continuously exploited and do not have access to basic services. The bishops made this call at the National Migration Conference, sponsored by Migration and Refugee Services of USCCB.

Eight hundred people will participate in the four-day conference, from 7-10 July, including those who work with migrants daily and will discuss pressing issues such as refugees, unaccompanied minors and human trafficking.

The Catholic community, said Bishop Eusebio L. Elizondo, Chairman of the Committee on Migration at the conference opening, must “continue to push” lawmakers on both sides to act on this important national issue, “as our fellow human beings continue to suffer under this broken system”. “Our mission as Church”, the Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle, “is to defend the rights of the migrant, no matter what the political situation or polls may dictate”. 




St. Peter’s Square

July 17, 2019