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The magazine of caregivers

There are fewer and fewer births, the family is becoming more and more rare, the average age has lengthened, the crisis looms, and there are increasing cuts to the national health service. It is the combination of these elements that is making the figure of a carer of increasing importance to Western society. In Italy, for example, there are now 1 million 655 thousand of them, but it is estimated that in 2030 will be 2 million 155 thousand, while there are over 12 million over sixty year olds, one million of whom are Alzheimer's patients, 250 000 who suffer from Parkinson's disease and two million who are not self-sufficient. To try to understand and deal with the phenomenon, “The Magazine of the Caregivers”, the first Italian free press bi-monthly devoted to caregivers and families that need their help, has been released. With the contribution of geriatricians, psychologists, nutritionists, lawyers and accountants, it has features about psychology, medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy, home economics, taxation and social security. The intent is to support both families when they decide to employ a carer, being faced with the difficult decision to invite an “unknown” person into the house of a family member who is no longer self-sufficient, as well as to provide guidance for the carersthemselves. There are many problems: from the selection of the most suitable person, to the respect that is given to those who are employed.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 22, 2019