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Madaya awaits aid

· Uncertainty about the opening of the humanitarian corridor for the Syrian city ·

According to UN estimates, about 40,000 people of the city of Madaya, Syria are at risk of dying of hunger. The cities awaits the opening of the humanitarian corridor which, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) had hoped, was to have begun operation yesterday. Instead ICRC sources reported that the start of the operation has been postponed, but added that perhaps today they might receive the green light for the first convoy of food and medicine. The city is controlled by rebel rebel militias and baricaded by government forces. ICRC spokesperson in Syria, Paweł Krzysiek, noted yesterday that the last time food was transported to the people of Madaya was 17 October, after the city was circled by government forces. According to Doctors Without Borders, at least 23 people have died of hunger since 1 December in the citizen hospital where the organization provides assistance. Yesterday in Syria, according the forces opposing President Bashar Al Assad, government bombing in the area of Ghuta (southwest periphery of Damascus which is still experiencing rebel activity) caused at least eight deaths, including a child, a woman and numerous wounded, who are mostly in serious condition.




St. Peter’s Square

June 16, 2019