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Lessons of the poor

· ​The Pontiff's journey to Sri Lanka and the Philippines comes to an end ·

He speaks with journalists during the long return flight from Manila

The message of the poor was at the heart of papal journey to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Pope Francis recalled this during a long meeting with journalists during the flight from Manila to Rome , landing just after 5:30 pm on Monday, 19 January. Once again denouncing the tragic consequences of the “throw-away culture”, he invited Christians to become “mendicants” for those who have nothing, because “the poor evangelize us”. The Pontiff addressed numerous other topics and returned to warning against the “ideological colonization” that threatens the cultures of peoples. He also spoke of the importance of “responsible parenthood” previously expounded by Paul VI, and repeated the call to use freedom of expression with prudence. Francis also issued a new warning against corruption, which corrodes a community's moral foundations and deprives the poor of basic resources.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020