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"Le Monde" launches the alarm
on damage caused by the pill

Pilule: ces gynécologues sous influence . This is the title of the long dossier that the French newspaper "Le Monde" has dedicated on the 11 January to pills of the third and fourth generation, leading to a disturbing conclusion: the distorted relationship between pills, laboratories, gynecologists and manufacturers have delayed relevant health recommendations being taken into account. The investigation is in response to the question that the same newspaper raised in its issue  of 14 December last year when - starting with the story of Marion Larat, a twenty-five year old now severely disabled after a stroke caused by the pill – it was asked why the new generation of pills are prescribed without requiring tests capable of assessing the presence of the coagulation abnormalities that predispose to thrombosis. This is so despite several scientific studies which have now drawn attention to these problems (see, to name only the most recent Danish study published in the "British Medical Journal" or the Canadian study that appeared in "Canadian Medical Association Journal," both in 2011) . The conclusion of "Le Monde" is unequivocal: there are serious conflicts of interest between the producer industries and gynecologists, with the latter promoting the use of new pills in exchange for financial recompense.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019