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Le meraviglie

· Film ·

There is a most delicate boundary in a girl’s life, between childhood and adulthood, when some see you as a child and others already look upon you as a woman, while you, in the middle of it all, don’t yet know what you feel. In her film Le meraviglie (2014), Alice Rohrwacher inserts this boundary into another frontier, between life in the countryside and the big city lights. The beekeeper father, clothed only in his undergarments, yells at the noise over the railing, and Gelsomina - taken by the glimmer as happens especially to careful and disciplined adolescents - instead holds out her hand to that world. And she does so in violation of her father’s will, after taking from him (and from the hives) the strength to do so (which, in a word, is what it means to be a teenager). The climax, which is wonderful, lets us imagine the woman who Gelso (played by Alexandra Maria Lungu, of unperturbed profile and darting eyes) will become. Different than such a disappointing adult world, stronger in the city also because she is so close to the earth. (@GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 18, 2020