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Laura Montoya y Upegui

Saint Laura Montoya y Upegui, "the first saint born in the beautiful land of Colombia teaches us- the words of our holy Father - to be generous with God, not to live one’s faith alone, as if it were possible to live our faith in isolation, but to communicate it, to bring the joy of the Gospel by word and  testimony of life into every environment in which we find ourselves.” This saint who lived with the indigenous people invites us "to see the face of Jesus reflected in others, to overcome indifference and individualism, welcoming all with love, giving them the best of ourselves and especially sharing with them that which  we hold most precious: Christ and his Gospel." As an  instrument of evangelization first as a teacher and then as the spiritual mother of the natives, she infused them with hope "welcoming them with the love learned from God and taking them to Him with a pedagogical effectiveness which respected their culture and did not oppose itself to it. In her evangelical work mother Laura became truly all things to all people, in the words of St. Paul. Even today her spiritual daughters live and take the Gospel to the most isolated and needy, as a kind of vanguard of the Church.” There were great celebrations in the country of origin of the new saint. "Too many evil characters have entered into the collective memory of the Colombians," said Monsignor Alberto Sánchez Cubillos, bishop of Tibú and "the canonization of Sister Laura reminds the country that there are other people who are full of virtue, generosity and service". Moreover, the Colombian Episcopal Conference has written in a note,  that "the life of mother Laura is not a utopia, but a concrete programme that can be achieved with the help of God and the generous response of man."




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020