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Laudato Si' in the Muslim world

· Common ground ·

With Laudato Si', Pope Francis has succeeded in creating common ground between followers of all faiths. Abdullah Hamidaddin explained this in article he wrote for the internet website Al-Arabiya on 28 June.

“I have a lot to thank Twitter for”, he writes, “The most recent cause of gratitude is Pope Francis’ encyclical: Laudato Si' (Care of our common home). Just a week ago I wasn't even aware of the word ‘encyclical’. I follow the Pope on Twitter and last week his account was tweeting on the environment, among other social issues. It is from there that I got to know of this document, and I read some of its history from online sources, in particular its emphasis beginning the late 19th century to respond and react to social problems brought about by modernity, technology and capitalism. As a Muslim I have heard a lot about Islam being a religion for the afterlife but also for this life. And that every aspect of our lives has a religious dimension. This idea in itself could lead to different outcomes, but the prevailing one in the Muslim world was that we must implement Sharia law. The ubiquity of religion implies the full reach of religious laws”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020