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The Last King of Scotland

· The film ·

In spite of its title The Last King of Scotland (directed by Kevin Macdonald in 2006) is a film on Africa. It tells of the dramatic events in Uganda under the regime of Idi Amin Dada, the violent dictator who dominated the country until 1979. Through the friendly relations between Idi Amin, a great admirer of Scotland, and his personal doctor, the Scot Garrigan (at the outset unaware of the horrors of the regime) the atrocities of the dictatorship, the network of complicity it manages to set up, the unscrupulous force, the massacres and the blameworthy complicity of the West that for many years did not see it or feigned not to see it. Kay (Kerry Washington) is a sad figure, the youngest of the dictator’s three wives, ostracized because she has given birth to an epileptic son. Forest Whitaker, who plays Amin, won an Oscar as the best actor in a leading role. In fact the portrayal of the dictator is historically accurate and effective. Equally accurate and overwhelming is the portrait of “his” Africa, whose tragedies are unfortunately still occurring today. (@ritannaarmeni)




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Dec. 5, 2019