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La notte dell’oblio (The night of oblivion)

· Novel ·

The latest book from Lia Levi, La notte dell’oblio ( The night of oblivion ) (2012 edition) has at its center, as the title indicates, oblivion.  Elsa, a Jewish woman, prefers not to know what happened to her husband who died at Auschwitz.  As a result she remains in denial about his killer and the sin that needs to be forgiven.  This enables her to move forward in life and raise her daughters normally.  Elsa, however, is escaping reality; she’s chosen denial over forgiveness.  Living in denial works until her daughter falls in love with the son of a spy at which point the pain is uncovered and shakes up her family.  This engaging story focuses on denial, as opposed to forgiveness, since forgiveness can only be asked for and given if both the culprit and the injured party are recognized, not forgotten or denied.  The question here becomes:  who is at fault, the one who has betrayed or the one who has preferred not to see?  Will there be salvation for the two young innocent ones?  In the oblivion that destroys everything, forgiveness remains a thin thread of hope for the future.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 18, 2020