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Kofi Annan meets Assad

· The sorrow and concern of Benedict XVI for the massacre perpetrated in Houla ·

Extreme efforts to relaunch the peace plan in Syria

A meeting between Kofi Annan, Special Envoy of the United Nations and of the Arab League, and President Bashir al-Assad is taking place today in Damascus. The face to face, analysts say, will be one of the last opportunities to relaunch the peace plan proposed by the United Nations to put an end to the clashes in Syria. In the meantime the Security Council is continuing to negotiate a possible declaration concerning the recent wave of violence and the presumed responsibilities.

Yesterday Fr Frederico Lombardi, sj, Director of the Holy See Press Office, issued a statement on the slaughter in Houla. “The recent massacre in the Syrian town of Houla, in which around 100 people, including children, lost their lives, is a motive of great sorrow and concern for the Holy Father and the entire Catholic community, as it is for the international community which has expressed unanimous condemnation of the incident”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020