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Kim Daniels and Cardinal Dolan

A spokesperson at the USCCB notifies the twitter profile of Kim Daniels, the new spokesperson for the president of the U.S. Episcopal Conference. A Princeton trained lawyer and mother of six children, who has already been a consultant for Sarah Palin, Daniels was chosen by Cardinal Dolan to take on a role which previously did not exist. Active in many legal campaigns (including for the right of pharmacists to object to the morning-after pill), Daniels has also been a director of Catholic Voices, an association created to bring the positive message of the Church into the public sphere. “I think - Daniels said after the appointment - that Cardinal Dolan and other bishops have really appreciated the approach of Catholic Voices, which wants to shed light on instead inflaming problems. Often people face disputes as if they were marines, landing and heading into battle. Catholic Voices on the other hand has an approach that is more similar to the Peace Corps: we try to understand others and to establish contact."




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 28, 2020